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    The way to Perfection


    Since autumn 1989 I did a monthly bible study for an interdenominational group of people.
    I decided to do four reference studies portraying the core of the gospel first.
    On request these global courses have been extended by detail studies that I finished in the summer of 1993.

    I am convinced that people should do a bible study without engagement, but should rather be motivated by pursuing a spiritual purpose.

    Therefore I choose the title THE WAY TO PERFECTION
    showing that the Creator intends mankind to come to perfection in line with the principles of the gospel. 
    Man is to be thoroughly equipped for every good work based onthe atonement of Jesus
    Christ. (See 2 Timothy 3: 14-17).

    This bible study encompasses 15 lessons, the first four of which are reference studies. The sequel lessons include the foundation of faith and the building on the foundation.

    Further you will find lessons on the so-called heavens, which denote the spiritual world and the revelationof God and man.
    At the end your will definitions of some keyissues and answers to questions posed by students during the bible course.

    These lessons aim at giving a useful outline of themain theme without pretending to be complete.
    Most lessons are accompanied by questions to stimulate further reflection and

    Hessel Hoefnagel

    The way to perfection   

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    The Spitit of the Church


    (a study on the formation of the 'body of Christ' to prepare and further develop believers during their way to the ultimate goal).

    After the holidays of 1993 I started teaching a new bible study entitled
    Spirit of the Church'


    They have been written to follow-up the bible course 'The way to perfection'
    which I completed in June 1993.

    I taught this first course of bible studies in the second half of 1989 for an
    interdenominational group in Beilen.
    With my co-elders I gave the next course in our own congregation in Emmen.
    We completed this course in June 1994.

    Both Dutch courses were published in a small circulation.

    A book version of the English translation was made on behalf of a few Christian congregations in certain African countries (among others Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Togo, Ghana and

    the Ivory Coast), on instigation of the 'Stichting Oogstveld'
    in Vlissingen (Hans and Fiet van Boven).

    May the contents of the study bless you and build the 'body of Christ'.

    Hessel Hoefnagel.

    The Spirit of the Church

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